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                      - Painting, or the Love for Life -


I am a self-taught creative, born in Spain, Madrid, 1976 

My trade mostly developed while on a long journey, literally (Specially throughout Latinamerica)


Before that, at age 10, my family & I moved to Brussels, Belgium for 5 years.  Being thus exposed to a different culture and languages, awakening a taste for travelling, a taste for going afar while I could.


In later travels, after drawing freely for over a decade, it was only natural to begin using paints. Taking a special liking to oil painting, outdoors often, due to the nature of travelling as a way of life, a way of looking.

The environment & local culture which surrounds me became 

always a fundamental part of the works I hereby share, still today.


It is through them that I wish to share and keep inviting, reminding, to see the beauty in what is near.

What happiness can occur from this and what it can do.  

That apparent simplicity around us which we seem to inevitably take so continuously for granted, forgetting often what really matters.


To support myself as a freelance artist, I proudly enjoy being able to produce commission artworks of many diverse kinds for all types of clients as also estimates, aiming to leave no one behind. 

From fine portraits to mural decorations, from interiors and designs to amazing animal paintings & a long etc…

Allowing thus a necessary practice & handling of a variety of techniques which you may find across some of the works & folders displayed.

I have also held some exhibits of my works in several countries such as Spain, Mexico, USA & now also in Amsterdam, Netherlands where I currently  greet & write you from today, the fantastic downtown studio @"Vrij Paleis", Paleisstraat 107, Amsterdam

"Painting today what really exists, it is an act of resistance that generates  hope," John Berger.

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